Terrazzo Colors

What is terrazzo stone? Terrazzo is a decorative composite material, agglomerated in the forms of blocks or slabs, which can be used for countertop, floor, wall covering,s and other interior or exterior applications. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, glass, or other decorative material, poured with a chemical binding by cementitious material. Terrazzo has various designs in color or material in a pattern. Additional chips may be sprinkled on the top. After it is cured, it is ground and polished smooth or other finish to produce a uniformly textured surface.
As terrazzo manufacturers, our Terrazzo stones have a huge market in China or other nations with the unique advantage that they are cost-friendly, arbitrarily toning, construction convenient, and has been used in lots of projects worldwide.

Terrazzo have following specific advantages
1. Construction convenience
The construction can be directly applied with cement,without the need for professional adhesives,only flexible caulking agents are needed.
2. Color can be customized
Prefabricated terrazzo can be arbitrarily spiced in color and color.
3. Resource regeneration
The use of mining and processing of waste stone as raw materials, processing of finely shredded waste.ingenuity to restore a new pattern, giving it an innovative building life, the realization of resource recycling.
4. Feeling comfortable
Standing on the ground of prefabricated inorganic terrazzo paving for a long time, your feet are not tired.
5. Various surface
The surface treatment is various, and can be made into various effects such as an antique surface. A lychee surface, and a blind road.
6. wear resistance coefficient
Prefabricated inorganic terrazzo has high wear resistance and surface hardness of 6-8. It highly restores the unique texture of marble and is much higher in hardness than marble, and solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.
7. Fire retardant
Prefabricated inorganic terrazzo is non-flammable,non-flammable, anti- aging, anti-fouling. corrosion-resistant, and has no odor without any pollution.
8. cost controllable
According to the needs of customers. it can be made into double layers at the bottom of the surface to ensure the quality and reduce costs.
9. high applicability
The high plasticity of the prefabricated inorganic terrazzo allows it to form the unique super-long slabs and special-shaped work pieces in the building materials, and can be combined with a variety of materials to achieve different tonal blending. can be used indoors and outdoors, wall and ground are available.


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